Personal Charitable Money Boxes Opening Ceremonies

In order to develop a culture of charity among schoolchildren in grades 7-11, in the fall of 2019, we launched the Schoolchildren and Charity social project.

The project program includes meetings and trainings for schoolchildren on the development of empathy, teamwork and other educational topics. The COVID-19 outbreak made changes to this project and all meetings were transferred online.

One of the components of the project is the provision of charitable piggy banks in the form of houses to each participant, in which schoolchildren can collect funds and make donations within the framework of the Hope.kg charity platform. All funds raised are directed to a project pre-selected with all participants.

In December 2020, 3 Personal Charitable Money Boxes Opening Ceremonies were held, in which more than 60 project participants were officially able to make their donations.

As a result, 46,258 KGS were collected.

Also, two teams of schoolchildren received certificates for 10,000 KGS for the implementation of social initiatives. Good luck!

All collected funds will be used to support the Kelechek Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities, namely, to purchase the necessary equipment for working with children.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all project participants for your kindness and responsiveness, as well as to your parents and school administrations for their support!